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Sam-Sex Marriage Amendment

I don’t ever post anything, but I’m going on record right now.

The Amendment to the Constitution banning same sex marriage that is being proposed does not represent the view of all of Kansans. It is the west half of the state he is trying to please and a majority of us live in the east part where most support equality.

WE DO NOT ALL AGREE WITH THE AMENDMENT. If you think we all do, then you are ignorant.

Kansas is slower to progress, but we do. We want to move forward, but it won’t happen ‘til people 60+ all die off. They are keeping us from moving forward. They are stuck in their ways.

Please do not think that all of Kansas wants this Amendment to pass. We are not all right-wing bigots and we want people to be happy in their life choices.

To my few followers…reblog so people will not think ill of my state. I love Kansas and people bashing it sickens me. I’m sure you don’t want people to bash where you live either. 


Can we talk about this for a second?

Because there’s quite a few things that get lost in translation with these games, but none of those instances ever hit me as hard as this one always does. I’m not even kidding, my heart rips apart every time I see this, I’m almost crying just thinking about it.

Okay, so of course—like every country—Japan has it’s own code of etiquette, and one of the most ingrained ways of showing respect to others is bowing. It’s a reflection of how important deferring to others is in Japanese culture—acknowledging those who have seniority in something or are your superior in any way should be like second nature. Bowing can have all sorts of degrees of formality to it, from a casual nod of the head, to a full 45 degree bend from the waist, but rarely do you ever see anyone bow deeper than that.

What Sora’s doing up there?

That’s called Dogeza (土下座).

It’s the absolute lowest you can get.

I have personally never seen anyone do this, and for good reason—you don’t do it unless you’ve REALLY messed up.

You do it to say sorry—it’s the equivalent of begging, really begging for forgiveness. Dogeza is shameful, it’s humiliating, it’s absolute submission, and that’s the whole point of doing it. It’s willingly putting shame and humiliation on yourself, actively showing complete reverence to someone else. You are literally saying you are worth nothing.

Sora is basically offering himself on a silver platter here. Saix could’ve probably asked Sora to do anything he wanted, and Sora probably would’ve done it.

Which makes it all the more insulting and heart-breaking when Saix says he still can’t see Kairi.

Now that you’ve explained how low this is„,and what it truly represents…I cried a little. I always knew he was begging, but I never realized it was such a huge deal that he did this.

It makes a lot more sense now. Thank you for this beautiful explanation. I’m sure a lot of people thank you.

I just want to say I’m proud of Matt Riedy for being on Revenge tonight. After seeing him as Griffin on BTR, it’s nice to see him in something else I watch. The way it appears, we will be seeing more of him. Woot. Over to IMDB to see if anything else he’s in sounds interesting.


can we discuss jane and belle’s different teaching techniques

and how

jane is teaching tarzan how to read with basic children’s books:

“see jane.”

“see jane run.”

while belle on the other hand decides that the first thing beast should learn how to read is

shakespeare’s romeo and juliet

Belle’s having none of your uncultured shit.

via lolsofunny=)

Yeah but Beast is a prince he already knows how to read she doesn’t need to teach him dr suess

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